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2024 American Traditional | Senior All-Round Stay Weblog

Welcome to the stay weblog for the senior competitors on the 2024 American Traditional, held in Katy, Texas!

Please refresh your browser each jiffy to see the newest updates, which can seem on the high of the web page.

4:40 pm. All-Round Standings

1. Jade Carey 55.000
2. Myli Lew 53.900
3. Marissa Neal 53.050
4. Ashlee Sullivan 52.450
5. Zoey Molomo 51.850
6. Tatum Drusch 51.400
– Malea Milton 51.400
8. Nicole Desmond 51.300
9. Brooke Pierson 51.200
10. Gabby Douglas 50.650

4:27 pm. CaMarah Williams FX: Double format full-out, hop again however a number of energy! Hop L by means of to tour jeté full. Entrance by means of to double tuck. 1.5 to Rudi I feel? A bit quick and a few leg type. Double pike set was SO low, lands actually quick and punches out of it right into a roll.

Addison Fatta UB: Church to Pak, massive air! Maloney to Gienger, good. Double format, sticks on her toes together with her chest ahead.

4:26 pm. Kelise Woolford BB: Off on the tuck full sequence sadly! Examine on the facet somi. 2.5 dismount with a hop. 11.950

Cambry Haynes FX: 13.050

4:25 pm. Malea Milton UB: Hit the straddle Jaeger, Pak, some type in her low bar work and takes an additional solid I feel, toe shoot again to excessive, double format, legs aside however lands effectively.

4:24 pm. Brooke Pierson BB: 12.150

Annalisa Milton UB: 12.300

Nicole Desmond BB: 13.150

4:20 pm. Gabby Douglas with a 50.650 AA, a number of tenths shy of the AA requirement of 51.000 for nationals, however her three-event rating is 39.2 so she ought to qualify on VT+UB+BB for now, after which give the AA one other go on the U.S. Traditional?

4:18 pm. Tatum Drusch UB: Good piked Jaeger. The remaining was hit and fairly clear! Toe full a bit late. Double format with a small hop. 13.450

Brynn Torry FX: Good on the 1.5 by means of to double tuck. 12.650

4:17 pm. Myli Lew VT: 13.100

Zoey Molomo VT: Yurchenko full, large!!! 13.600

4:14 pmm. Suni Lee UB: Did I miss this???? I feel I did and hate myself lol. I preserve lacking the primary routines and naturally there have been three main ones on this rotation. Oh, Suni didn’t compete UB so I really feel rather less self-hatred. However I did miss Jade on flooring!!!

Gabby Douglas BB: Hit the leap sequence to a stunning break up ring leap. Full flip. Examine on the bhs loso. Sturdy punch entrance. Hit the dismount with little steps, however nice routine! 13.350 (5.8, 7.550)

4:12 pm. Izzy Stassi VT: Sturdy Yurchenko 1.5! 13.300

Joscelyn Roberson BB: 12.450

Jade Carey FX: 13.750

4:10 pm. Lacie Saltzmann VT: 12.350

4:06 pm. Rotation 3 Standings

1. Jade Carey 41.250
2. Myli Lew 40.800
3. Marissa Neal 39.500
4. Ashlee Sullivan 39.350
5. Brooke Pierson 39.050
6. Malea Milton 38.850
7. Chloe Cho 38.750
8. Audrey Snyder 38.700

4:03 pm. Norah Chrisitan BB: Punch entrance mount, good. Change to wolf leap. Bhs loso loso, sturdy! A bit quick on the change half. Stable facet somi and cross straddle leap. Double tuck with little steps.

3:56 pm. Brynn Torry BB: Had a fall halfway by means of the routine. Hit a cross break up leap half after remounting, double tuck together with her chest barely down. 11.250

Cambry Haynes BB: 12.500

3:55 pm. Sorry, needed to leap off for a minute and actually throughout THE most vital routine however I’m again!!! I missed…

Myli Lew FX: 13.250

Jazmyn Jimenez BB: 10.200

Brooke Pierson UB: 13.250

3:48 pm. Jade Carey BB: Flight sequence had some leg type and comfortable legs. Hit the remainder, sorry, I couldn’t sort! 13.650 (5.6, 8.050)

Gabby Douglas UB: Will get by means of the entrance pirouette work to the piked Jaeger, however appears to be like a bit off within the launch and falls. Again on for a full pirouette, piked Tkachev, Pak, arched over a handstand after and off once more. Finishes with a van Leeuwen and a double format dismount, step. 11.850 (5.9, 5.950)

3:46 pm. Joscelyn Roberson UB: Low on the shaposh, clear hip half to Ezhova I feel? Toe full, received caught midway by means of however muscled it round, Maloney to Gienger, leg separation and a bit low on the discharge, clear hip, full-twisting double format, some pike down and a step again. 12.650

Ashlee Sullivan FX: Hit the primary move after which a full-in. Hit the third move after which a double pike to complete, good work.

3:43 pm. Chloe Cho BB: Hit routine! Regarded good from what I noticed.

Annalisa Milton VT: Yurchenko double full, hop again. Fairly stable! Minor type. 13.500

3:42 pm. Kelise Woolford UB: Hit every thing I noticed at first, clear Pak, some legs on the van Leeuwen, stalder half goes a bit crooked however she corrects and will get an enormous Jaeger out of it, perhaps TOO massive, has to pause on the bar after. Stalder, full-in with a step again. 12.450

Marissa Neal VT: Yurchenko 1.5 with a type of leap ahead. 13.050

Lacie Saltzmann FX: I missed lots of this. 1.5 to entrance tuck had some leg type. Good touchdown on the double pike. 12.150

Tatum Drusch VT: Yurchenko full, stable, respectable energy.

3:39 pm. CaMarah Williams BB: Off on the cross again tuck! Nooooo. Hit the double pike dismount. 11.700

Audrey Snyder VT: Hit the Yurchenko full. 12.700

Nicole Desmond UB: 12.600

3:37 pm. Zoey Molomo FX: Double format, ste was a bit low however she compensated by simply piking down a bit, received the touchdown. Double pike, some leg type however hit.

Malea Milton VT: 12.900

Suni Lee VT: I missed this, assume Yurchenko full! 13.250

3:32 pm. Rotation 2 Standings

1. Jade Carey 27.600
2. Myli Lew 27.550
3. Marissa Neal 26.450
4. Ashlee Sullivan 26.150
5. Chloe Cho 26.100
6. Audrey Snyder 26.000
7. Malea Milton 25.950
8. Brooke Pierson 25.800
– Kelise Woolford 25.800

3:29 pm. Brynn Torry UB: Toe full, arches over and has no likelihood at pulling it again sadly! Comes off. Maloney to clear hip to Ricna, good. Pak, some leg type, van Leeuwen with leg type as effectively, blind change to entrance big half, extra leg separation, full-in a bit quick with a step.

3:26 pm. Jazmyn Jimenez UB: Toe full to Maloney to Pak, van Leeuwen, some leg type, blind change to straddle Jaeger, comes out of the discharge actually low and might’t grasp the bar, fall. Excessive double tuck to complete, step again. 12.000

3:25 pm. Jade Carey UB: Toe full was a bit late. Maloney to Gienger, Ezhova, van Leeuwen, full-twisting double tuck, seemed clear, caught! 13.400

3:22 pm. Ashlee Sullivan BB: A bit quick on some jumps however had an Onodi, yay. Stable on the dismount. 13.400

Chloe Cho UB: Hit what I noticed! 13.050

Marissa Neal FX: Arabian double entrance to begin, step ahead. Sturdy full-in. Actually open double pike. A bit deep on the touchdown. Double tuck, bounce again. 13.100

3:19 pm. Lacie Saltzmann BB: Wobbled out of the entrance handspring entrance tuck. Entrance aerial with a wobble as effectively, leg up. Change leap. Change half. Facet aerial was clear. Double tuck is sweet, small bounce. 12.800

Audrey Snyder FX: Double pike, lunge again. Hit a twist combo move however didn’t see what. Double L flip. Change leap to tour jeté half. Double tuck with a small hop. 12.900

3:18 pm. CaMarah Williams UB: Clear hip to toe half, muscular tissues by means of it into a large, then does a again big to Jaeger, suppose she was alleged to doe a toe full earlier than the Jaeger, some type on each of the transitions, toe half, once more suppose that was alleged to be a toe full, turns herself round once more to enter the Gienger, doesn’t fairly have it, fall. Hit the dismount. 10.250

3:14 pm. Norah Christian UB: Had a very good Ezhova scenario early on however fell later within the routine. Double format was nice. 12.300

Zoey Molomo BB: Change leap mount. Sadly off on the bhs loso loso. Change leap. Entrance aerial was a bit quick, pause right into a leap. Double tuck was sturdy. 12.250

Malea Milton FX: Full-in with a small bounce and a few leg type. Entrance format to…entrance full? I didn’t actually see that one, whoopsie. Hit the third move. Finishes with a double tuck, step again. 13.250

3:12 pm. Annalisa Milton FX: Tried to look at this however then didn’t! Shocker. She hit what I noticed. 12.450

Gabby Douglas VT: Yurchenko double full, fairly stable truly!! Had a pleasant elevate and was actually floaty. 14.000

Brooke Pierson VT: Yurchenko 1.5, nice touchdown. 13.450

Taylor McMahon BB: 12.850

3:10 pm. Cambry Haynes UB: Had a break on the hips on a entrance handstand IIRC, tried to battle by means of it however finally got here off. 11.500

Kelise Woolford VT: Hit the Yurchenko full. 12.650

3:08 pm. Myli Lew BB: Hit the leap sequence to again pike I feel? Or tuck, I couldn’t see. Had a entrance aerial to separate leap to Korbut as effectively, pause between the primary two parts. Huge stumble again on the dismount. 13.600

Tatum Drusch FX: Hit the primary two passes primarily based on what I noticed.  12.500

Jazlene Pickens VT: 13.000

Nicole Desmond VT: Yurchenko 1.5, hit. 13.350

3:04 pm. Rotation 1 Standings

1. Suni Lee 14.300
2. Jade Carey 14.200
3. Myli Lew 13.950
4. Brynn Torry 13.850
5. CaMarah Williams 13.800
6. Cambry Haynes 13.450
7. Marissa Neal 13.350
8. Kelise Woolford 13.150
– Zoey Molomo 13.150

3:01 pm. Suni Lee BB: Will get a wolf flip round on the very starting, then a entrance aerial to separate leap, good. Change leap to change half to separate ring leap, good connections. Facet aerial loso loso, seemed slightly crooked for a second however will get it round with minor changes. Change ring with a much bigger break however good composure to repair it. Only a format dismount.

2:59 pm. Suni Lee the one one left on this rotation! She’ll go on beam shortly.

2:57 pm. Kelise Woolford FX: Double L flip to double flip, good. Double tuck with a small bounce. Entrance tuck by means of to double full, leg type however will get the touchdown. 13.150

Malea Milton BB: Hit the triple sequence! Good on the facet somi as effectively. Double tuck, chest down and a step again. 12.700

2:56 pm. Lacie Saltzmann UB: Toe half to straddle Jaeger, Ricna, bail to stalder full, rushed by means of it and kipped after, Ray again to the excessive bar, double format with a lunge ahead. 12.850

2:54 pm. Annalisa Milton BB: Hit the mount. Double wolf flip was good. Huge wobble after which a fall on the entrance aerial. Examine on the change to change facet and facet somi. Double full dismount. 11.800

2:52 pm. Nicole Desmond FX: Simply balked…one thing? I didn’t see what occurred, she did a leap I feel after which simply type of stopped and ran by means of to her subsequent start line for the following move which she hit. Entrance format by means of to double tuck with a step again. 12.200

Zoey Molomo UB: Toe full to Maloney to Pak, some minor leg separation. Van Leeuwen with leg separation as effectively. Blind change to straddle Jaeger, mainly caught the double entrance. 13.150

2:49 pm. Tatum Drusch BB: Change to sissone, entrance aerial with a slight wobble. Change half, little break on the hips. Facet aerial with a wobble. A bit wobbly on the wolf flip as effectively. Cross break up leap half. Hit the dismount. 12.600

Taylor McMahon UB: Preserve lacking the beginning of bars so not typing there proper now I suppose however this was successful. 12.800

2:47 pm. Jazlene Pickens FX: Double format, some foot type. Entrance full thorugh to double tuck, actually low on the touchdown, massive lunge ahead. Double pike with an enormous bounce again. 12.450

Myli Lew UB: Noticed her catch a Jaeger I consider. Missed every thing earlier than that. Double format with a step ahead. 13.950

Jade Carey VT: Yurchenko double full, big and clear, bounce again. 14.200

2:46 pm. CaMarah Williams VT: Yurchenko double full, good energy! 13.800

Marissa Neal BB: Noticed a number of the starting, seemed good to me. 13.350

Chloe Cho VT: 13.050

2:44 pm. Brooke Pierson FX: Full-in with a hop again. 1.5 to entrance full with some leg type. Double tuck, some leg type all through. 12.350

Brynn Torry VT: Noticed that she hit, seemed like a Yurchenko double full. 13.850 (5.0, 8.850)

Cambry Haynes VT: 13.450

2:43 pm. It’s Gabby Douglas comeback day!

I feel the competitors has already began? Fairly certain I simply noticed Izzy Stassi end on bars. Method to say 2:45 pm ET after which begin early!!!

Okay, appears to be like like Gabby went on flooring and received an 11.450 (5.0, 6.850). Did a entrance full by means of to double tuck (palms down), full-in, and double pike.

Audrey Snyder BB: 13.200

Izzy Stassi UB: 11.950

Audrey Snyder BB: 13.200

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