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2024 European Championships | Senior MAG Occasion Finals Day 1 Stay Weblog

Welcome to the dwell weblog for the primary day of senior MAG occasion finals on the 2024 European Championships, held in Rimini, Italy!

Please refresh your browser each jiffy to see the latest updates, which can seem on the high of the web page.

2:13 pm. Rings Closing Standings

1. Eleftherios Petrounias, Greece, 15.000
2. Nikita Simonov, Azerbaijan, 14.900
3. Adem Asil, Türkiye, 14.900
4. Artur Avetisyan, Armenia, 14.800
– Vinzenz Höck, Austria, 14.800
6. Courtney Tulloch, Nice Britain, 14.700
7. Salvatore Maresca, Italy, 14.566
8. Ibrahim Cola, Türkiye, 14.500

2:10 pm. Eleftherios Petrounias GRE SR: Planche to inverted planche with a pushup to maltese, wonderful. Saltos to iron cross, palms open, strong. Inverted hold with a swing as much as maltese, again large to handstand, fairly wonderful, entrance large to planche all the way down to iron cross, entrance large to handstand, tiniest adjustment, however SO minor, double double with the tiniest bounce. Effectively, THAT shall be golden! And it’s! 15.000 (6.3, 8.700)

2:08 pm. Ibrahim Colak TUR SR: Maltese, swings as much as planche, out to iron cross, saltos to maltese, little adjustment, via to iron cross along with his signature grin, entrance large to handstand, fairly strong, again large is a bit weaker with some shaking and swinging, piked double entrance with a small hop. 14.500 (5.9, 8.600)

2:05 pm. Vinzenz Höck AUT SR: Wasn’t typing for this routine nevertheless it was hit from what I noticed! 14.800 (6.1, 8.700)

2:01 pm. Salvatore Maresca ITA SR: Maltese, entrance large to inverted cross, doesn’t QUITE make the handstand tremendous clear, saltos to maltese, opens to iron cross, wonderful handstand earlier than the dismount, holds it for 20 years, full-twisting double format, hips are a bit of closed and he lands a bit brief. 14.566 (6.2, 8.366)

1:59 pm. Little pause for half two of warmups!

1:56 pm. Nikita Simonov AZE SR: Rolls up via to planche initially, all the way down to inverted hold then out to maltese, entrance handstand to inverted cross, saltos via to maltese, planche to iron cross, his management appears very nice total, inverted pike to entrance large to handstand, clear maintain, full-twisting double format with a GREAT touchdown. This was wonderful. 14.900 (6.2, 8.700)

1:53 pm. Adem Asil TUR SR: Maltese, inverted cross is a tiny bit shaky, to saltos right into a maltese, planche, slight adjustment, all the way down to iron cross, entrance large to handstand, one other slight adjustment, double double dismount, chest down however in any other case landed properly, small hop. 14.900 (6.3, 8.600)

1:50 pm. Artur Avetisyan ARM SR: Inverted cross with minor sway in his again, clear all the way down to maltese, saltos to handstand, entrance large via to maltese out to iron cross, planche, again large to handstand, a bit of arched, full-twisting double format with a tiny hop. 14.800 (6.1, 8.700)

1:47 pm. Courtney Tulloch GBR SR: Planche via to maltese, inverted hang around to maltese, saltos to handstand, iron cross, good handstand work, clear full-twisting double format, touchdown appeared caught! 14.700 (6.0, 8.700)

1:43 pm. Athletes have marched out for rings! Warmups every now and then we must be underway shortly.

1:30 pm. Medals time for pommels! Shall be again for rings quickly, quarter-hour or so?

1:24 pm. Pommel Horse Closing Standings

1. Rhys McClenaghan, Eire, 15.300
2. Loran de Munck, Netherlands, 14.933
3. Marios Georgiou, Cyprus, 14.800
4. Matteo Giubellini, Switzerland, 14.600
5. Filip Ude, Croatia, 14.533
6. Levan Skhiladze, Georgia, 14.233
7. Oleg Verniaiev, Ukraine, 14.200
8. Ilia Liubimov, Israel, 13.133
9. Gagik Khachikyan, Armenia, 12.466

1:21 pm. Filip Ude CRO PH: I forgot there have been 9 on this ultimate and nearly missed this omg. Russian parts appeared fairly strong, and the remaining was hit, simply had an enormous muscle up into the dismount! 14.533 (5.8, 8.733)

1:18 pm. Rhys McClenaghan IRL PH: Big scissor to handstand to start out, so clear, that is what kind appears like tbh, Russians on the deal with, to circles on the opposite deal with, Russians between the handles, good kind on principally every thing all through, travels with out concern, begins to lose hip and leg kind barely within the Russians on the finish of the horse however brings it again cleanly into the dismount. 15.300 (6.5, 8.800)

1:15 pm. Levan Skhiladze GEO PH: Scissor work was high-quality, good top in his circles all through, Russians additionally with good clearance, travels with out concern, will get a bit of floppy close to the tip and actually has to drive himself into the dismount, however good battle and successful! 14.233 (5.8, 8.433)

1:12 pm. Loran de Munck NED PH: Scissors to handstand, clear and managed, good one-arm swing, tiny little bit of closed hips at one level however for essentially the most half he appears to have the tightest kind within the area thus far, slight kind break in his legs whereas circling, clear transition to the Russians, may level his toes however total very good stuff. Glorious up into the dismount. Nice routine and strikes to first! 14.933 (6.5, 8.433)

1:08 pm. Gagik Khachikyan ARM PH: Clear scissor work via to circles, goes a bit too aggressive on the one-arm swing and it appears like he will get larger than he meant, utterly loses his leg kind and comes off. NOOOOO. Additionally loses leg kind on the Russians on the deal with. Will get a bit of extra assured as he strikes via however then loses it, minor leg and hip kind all through after which some MAJOR leg kind close to the tip however stays on all through. Hit the dismount. Tough set. 12.466 (6.1, 6.366)

1:05 pm. Warmups for the second half! Let me take note of them so I don’t miss the primary competitor once more. 🙂

1:03 pm. Marios Georgiou CYP PH: Okay all-around champion!! Nonetheless can not imagine that. Scissors to handstand all the way down to scissors into circles on the handles, clear work, hip and foot kind will get a bit of free as he strikes additional into issues, and his legs have been fairly near the horse going into the Busnari however he will get it up and kills it, the remaining is nice, he’s very pleased with that. 14.800 (6.2, 8.600)

12:58 pm. Ilia Liubimov ISR PH: Clear scissor work, one-arm swing, hip kind might be cleaner however that apart his kind is fairly first rate, simply had a break in his rhythm on the finish that prompted him to return off, nothing dramatic, identical to, not totally on his recreation along with his hand placement from the appears of it. Again on principally for the dismount. 13.133 (5.8, 7.333)

12:55 pm. Oleg Verniaiev UKR PH: Good handstand into the scissor work, some slight leg kind coming down after which his hips are a bit of closed in his subsequent circle work. Russians look fairly strong. Proper on the finish he had a second the place it appeared like he nearly didn’t clear the handles on certainly one of his circles and whereas pushing as much as compensate his legs got here aside and he got here off. Again on only for Russians after which the dismount sequence. Bummer, that might’ve been enormous. 14.200 (6.7, 7.500)

12:54 pm. Matteo Giubellini SUI PH: I one way or the other missed this whole routine? Watching with out sound so must pay higher consideration lol, actually thought it was nonetheless warmups. Simply noticed the replay and had some leg kind going into the dismount however in any other case appeared actually clean! 14.600 (6.1, 8.500)

12:51 pm. Warmups are underway for pommel horse!

12:37 pm. Medal ceremony for ground now! Shall be again quickly for pommels.

12:31 pm. Ground Train Closing Standings

1. Luke Whitehouse, Nice Britain, 14.866
2. Artem Dolgopyat, Israel, 14.833
3. Krisztofer Meszaros, Hungary, 14.600
4. Unai Baigorri, Spain, 14.233
5. Léo Saladino, France, 14.066
6. Jake Jarman, Nice Britain, 13.966
7. Nicolau Mir, Spain, 13.666
8. Jim Zona, France, 12.933

12:29 pm. Luke Whitehouse GBR FX: Triple again! Little bounce. Suppose both a again 2.5 or entrance double full to double entrance, little bounce ahead. Piked double entrance, huge hop ahead. Caught the facet go. Double double, possibly a bit low however principally good on the touchdown. Hit the subsequent go, I AGAIN missed the entry, after which a triple full with a step and a wobble. Largely nice stuff. And he goes into first!!! 14.866 (6.5, 8.366)

12:25 pm. Jake Jarman GBR FX: Double double format is very large however goes a bit too exhausting on it and the touchdown isn’t GREAT, huge step again OOB. Hit the subsequent go right into a entrance format, I hold lacking the beginnings!!! Double double with a hop again. Hit the triple down the facet with a hop again. Entrance full to randi, then finishes with a 3.5 with a hop ahead. Scrappy kind and landings all through, he can do it higher, however nonetheless successful. 13.966 (6.3, 8.066, -0.4)

12:21 pm. Nicolau Mir ESP FX: HUUUUUUGE double double, bounce on the touchdown however that was huge, has he carried out a triple double? He may. Subsequent go was mixed twists that he got here out of a bit brief and needed to step again on. Arabian double entrance half-out for the third with a hop IIRC. Double full down the facet, I’m HATING them switching digital camera angles mid go! 2.5 to entrance format, strong, after which finishes with a triple full, some ankle kind within the air however will get the touchdown. 13.666 (5.5, 8.266, -0.1)

12:17 pm. Artem Dolgopyat ISR FX: Double double format, good touchdown, chest possibly a bit ahead. Entrance full to piked double entrance, good. 2.5 to double entrance I feel? We had a bizarre digital camera angle, he took a step ahead out of it. OOB possibly. I didn’t see the subsequent go however he did a entrance format out of it and hit. Double double was nice within the air and on the touchdown. Arabian double entrance half, nice touchdown. He’s jazzed. 14.833 (6.4, 8.533)

12:15 pm. Break for the second half of warmups now!

12:12 pm. Léo Saladino FRA FX: Triple double, tiny bounce on the touchdown. Entrance full to double entrance, a bit cowboyed and has to drive the touchdown however holds it up. Double double, chest down and a small bounce. Double full down the facet, a bit of deep there. 2.5 to entrance format, small hop again. Triple full, one other little bounce, a bit scrappy on this routine total however good battle! 14.066 (5.9, 8.166)

12:08 pm. Unai Baigorri ESP FX: Randi down the facet to start out, little bounce. 2.5 to entrance format to entrance full, some leg kind however total a strong go, hop on the finish. 1.5 to entrance double full, a number of air. Triple full down the facet, informal. Good aptitude work. Set into the double double was kinda low however he obtained the touchdown. 14.233 (5.8, 8.433)

12:04 pm. Jim Zona FRA FX: I didn’t see his first go however he hit! Regarded like one thing easy right into a entrance format however wasn’t paying consideration. Double entrance for the second go was a bit of deep. Again format down the facet. 1.5 to entrance full. 2.5 is a bit deep with a lunge ahead. Not a ton of D right here however he obtained via it. 12.933 (5.1, 7.833)

12:01 pm. Krisztofer Meszaros HUN FX: Entrance full to piked double entrance, strong touchdown and clear within the air. 2.5 to double entrance, little bobble on that touchdown however total high-quality. I missed the entry for the third go, appeared like a full-in or one thing however I may be 100% incorrect. 1.5 to entrance double full, some leg kind on the randi after, after which a triple full with a hop again. 14.600 (6.3, 8.300)

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