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2024 European Championships | Senior MAG Workforce Remaining Dwell Weblog

Welcome to the stay weblog for the senior males’s staff closing on the 2024 European Championships, held in Rimini, Italy!

Please refresh your browser each jiffy to see the newest updates, which can seem on the prime of the web page.

11:54 am. Joe Fraser GBR HB: Tak half, barely late, to Kolman, love that, Cassina, arms have been CRAZY on the catch and causes him to have an enormous leg kind break, slows his rhythm earlier than the Tkachev, Zou Li Min, Tak full, leg kind break however makes it round, stalder, hit the dismount with a hop.

Ilias Georgiou CYP SR: 13.333 (4.7, 8.633)

11:52 am. Yumin Abbadini ITA PH: Some slight leg separation to be choosy on a talent initially however SOARED as soon as he bought into the flairs, he’s SO GORGEOUS omg, misplaced just a little kind popping out of the aptitude work however this was beautiful general. 14.400 (5.8, 8.600)

Artem Dolgopyat ISR SR: 13.000 (4.5, 8.500)

Nestor Abad ESP FX: 13.966 (5.8, 8.166)

11:50 am. Radomyr Stelmakh UKR HB: Zou Li Min, Tak full was a bit late, Tak half to handstand, format Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, German giants to stalder, hit the dismount with a small step again.13.833 (5.5, 8.333)

11:49 am. Mert Efe Kilicer TUR PH: Stable routine! No main errors, appeared fairly clear for essentially the most half all through everything of this. 13.433 (5.1, 8.333)

James Corridor GBR HB: 13.800 (5.4, 8.400)

Marios Georgiou CYP SR: 13.033 (4.8, 8.233)

Luca Giubellini SUI FX: 13.766 (5.5, 8.266)

11:48 am. I feel I’ll have missed the primary routine they confirmed however will share the rating shortly! Seems like I bought again to my desk proper when GBR was ending an HB routine.

11:42 am. Rotation 5 Standings

1. Nice Britain 215.130
2. Ukraine 214.196
3. Italy 210.294
4. Türkiye 209.530
5. Israel 206.796
6. Spain 206.060
7. Cyprus 206.028
8. Switzerland 205.360

11:39 am. Joe Fraser GBR PB: Entrance pike to handstand, good. Very clear. Basket to half flip, large to single rail, then pirouette out, each good. Had a very sturdy one-arm pirouette as nicely. Double entrance half caught! He’s THRILLED about that. 14.800 (6.0, 8.800)

Noe Seifert SUI HB: 12.266 (5.8, 6.466)

11:37 am. Emre Dodanli TUR FX: Once more wasn’t quick sufficient to kind however he hit his first two passes after which an arabian double entrance half-out I imagine? Entrance format to randi. Little bounce on the two.5 to entrance full. Triple full, caught, simply wobbles his arms barely. 14.433 (5.9, 8.533)

11:36 am. Oleg Verniaiev UKR PB: Wasn’t fast sufficient to kind the begininng however he hit every part I noticed, each the Tippelt and Bhavsar have been clear, muscled just a little via a pirouette earlier than a transition to the only rail, which he kinda botched, muscled via it and had a giant kind break however stayed on, hit the dismount. 14.833 (6.6, 8.233)

11:33 am. Mario Macchiati ITA FX: Entrance full to entrance full I imagine to begin? Then a entrance double full to entrance format. Arabian double entrance, good touchdown. Clear double full. 2.5 on the finish had a giant hop ahead.

Jake Jarman GBR PB: 14.133 (5.6, 8.533)

Marios Georgiou CYP PH: 14.400 (5.7, 8.700)

Joel Plata ESP HB: 13.933 (5.9, 8.033)

11:30 am. Adem Asil TUR FX: Suppose he had a entrance full to piked double entrance to begin? Large stumble again however stored it upright, after which made positive to push the next double entrance cross ahead. Double double principally caught, tiniest test. Arabian double entrance half-out, bounce again and his heels go OOB. 13.300 (5.5, 8.100, -0.3)

Ilia Liubimov ISR PH: 14.166 (5.8, 8.366)

Taha Serhani SUI HB: 13.866 (5.7, 8.166)

11:27 am. Illia Kovtun UKR PB: Couldn’t kind for this but it surely was marvelous as at all times! 15.800 (7.0, 8.800)

Ilias Georgiou CYP PH: 12.566 (5.0, 7.566)

Nestor Abad ESP HB: 13.566 (5.2, 8.366)

11:25 am. Lorenzo Casali ITA FX: Went OOB on the primary cross, one thing right into a double entrance. Suppose he had a full-twisting double format after? Some kind. Randi with a hop. Double full, caught. Hit the second to final cross after which a triple full to complete, caught that one! 14.000 (6.0, 8.300, -0.3)

Matteo Giubellini SUI HB: 13.533 (5.1, 8.433)

11:23 am. James Corridor GBR PB: Obtained just a little caught popping out of the straddle salto, however no different main issues, and he caught the double entrance dismount! 14.600 (6.1, 8.500)

Uri Zeidel ISR PH: 13.300 (5.2, 8.100)

11:21 am. Mehmet Ayberk Kosak TUR FX: Entrance full to double entrance, hop again. Arabian double entrance half-out with a hop again. 2.5 to entrance format, some kind and a hop again. Double full down the facet. Triple full, massive step again to regulate the touchdown. 13.533 (5.5, 8.033)

Michalis Chari CYP PH: 12.666 (4.3, 8.366)

11:20 am. Nazar Chepurnyi UKR PB: Wasn’t typing however he hit every part I noticed nicely, no massive errors, simply an adjustment on a half flip, double entrance had a hop ahead. 14.266 (6.0, 8.266)

Nicolau Mir ESP HB: 13.266 (5.3, 7.966)

11:19 am. Alexander Myakinin ISR PH: 13.600 (5.8, 7.800)

Yumin Abbadini ITA FX: 14.266 (5.5, 8.766)

11:13 am. Rotation 4 Standings

1. Nice Britain 171.597
2. Ukraine 169.297
3. Italy 168.628
4. Türkiye 168.264
5. Cyprus 166.396
6. Israel 165.730
7. Switzerland 165.695
8. Spain 165.295

11:10 am. Thierno Diallo ESP PB: Doing nicely so removed from what I’ve seen, stepped a hand out after an enormous swing, however bought the Bhavsar nicely, Tippelt additionally fairly easy, simply minor changes, double pike with a hop ahead. 14.166 (5.9, 8.266)

11:09 am. Sorry, needed to run out for a sec, I feel I solely missed the next…

Noe Seifert SUI PB: 14.400 (6.1, 8.300)

Artem Dolgopyat ISR FX: 15.100 (6.4, 8.700)

Matteo Levantesi ITA HB: 13.833 (5.8, 8.033)

11:04 am. Emre Dodanli TUR HB: Tak half, just a little brief, massive Cassina, large Kolman as nicely, straddle Tkachev was perhaps a bit shut, piked Tkachev, stalder, hop full, Rybalko, and a double double format dismount, step again. 13.800 (5.6, 8.200)

Michalis Chari CYP FX: 14.166 (5.7, 8.466)

Nicolau Mir ESP PB: 14.433 (5.8. 8.633)

11:00 am. Yumin Abbadini ITA HB: Cassina, clear! Kolman was fairly open, Tak full was fairly near completely in handstand, hop full, toe-on to stalder, double double format, practically caught! Simply lifts his foot barely. 14.333 (5.8, 8.533)

Christian Baumann SUI PB: 14.066 (6.2, 7.866)

Igor Radivilov UKR VT: 14.800 (5.6. 9.200)

Ilia Liubimov ISR FX: 13.633 (5.0, 8.633)

10:59 am. Jake Jarman GBR VT: Kas 2.5, completely huge, actually clear within the air, little bounce to the facet on the touchdown, not the well-known worlds stick however fairly rattling shut! Might be an enormous rating. 15.500 (6.9, 9.500)

Ilias Georgiou CYP FX: 13.900 (5.1, 8.800)

10:58 am. Adem Asil TUR HB: Structure Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, stalder, full-twisting double format with a slight bounce. 13.133 (4.6, 8.533)

Nestor Abad ESP PB: 12.766 (5.5, 7.266)

10:57 am. Oleg Verniaiev UKR VT: Dragulescu to his knees/face sadly. Simply nowhere close to the block he wanted. 13.066 (5.6, 7.766, -0.3)

10:55 am. Mario Macchiati ITA HB: Entrance toe-on, Yamawaki, blind change to entrance large to Tak half, misplaced some leg kind, toe-on, one-arm large, blind change to entrance large to Tak to extra entrance giants, Zou Li Min, this routine is so random, stalder, double double format with a step again. 13.266 (5.0, 8.266)

Uri Zeidel ISR FX: 13.400 (5.4, 8.100, -0.1)

10:54 am. Harry Hepworth GBR VT: Dragulescu, practically caught it, perhaps moved his foot a hair, omg, that was so good! 15.000 (5.6, 9.400)

10:51 am. Mert Efe Kilicer TUR HB: Tak half with slight leg separation to format Jaeger to straddle Jaeger to piked Jaeger, YESSSSSSS. SO good. Stalder, and a double double format dismount with a tiny bounce. What an environment friendly routine! 13.300 (4.7, 8.600)

Nazar Chepurnyi UKR VT: Kas double full, appeared good within the air however went a bit crooked off the desk and veered to his proper, step on the touchdown that took him OOB. 14.633 (5.6, 9.133, -0.1)

Taha Serhani SUI PB: 13.966 (5.6, 8.366)

10:50 am. Courtney Tulloch GBR VT: Dragulescu, large, massive lunge again however that was huge general! Nice begin for them. 14.633 (5.6, 9.033)

10:45 am. Rotation 3 Standings

1. Türkiye 128.031
2. Italy 127.196
3. Ukraine 126.798
4. Nice Britain 126.464
5. Cyprus 124.264
6. Spain 123.930
7. Israel 123.597
8. Switzerland 123.263

10:44 am. Kerem Sener TUR PB: 13.733 (5.5, 8.233)

10:40 am. Marios Georgiou CYP HB: 14.400 (5.9, 8.500)

Lorenzo Casali ITA PB: Seeing a replay of this! Had minor kind separation on a pirouette early on, Tippelt was fairly sturdy, as was the Bhavsar, arched over and walked his fingers whereas turning midway earlier than the double entrance half dismount. 14.066 (5.6, 8.466)

10:39 am. Harry Hepworth GBR SR: Noticed most of this and it appeared nice! Double double dismount was wonderful, tiny step. 14.500 (5.8, 8.700)

Alexander Myakinin ISR HB: 14.333 (5.9, 8.433)

Emre Dodanli TUR PB: 13.900 (5.2, 8.700)

10:35 am. Oleg Verniaiev UKR SR: Maltese right down to iron cross, saltos to straddle planche, perhaps may’ve held it a second longer, large to handstand was clear, then the entrance to handstand was just a little shakier however not unhealthy, double double dismount principally caught, only a slight bobble. 14.100 (5.5, 8.600)

10:34 am. Mario Macchiati ITA PB: Clear handstand to begin, arched over coming off of the only rail however corrected shortly, large full, entrance pike to handstand tremendous clear, one-arm piroeutte additionally tremendous clear, half flip earlier than the double entrance was nice, only a hop on the dismount, fab routine, his handstands are every part 99% of the time. 14.500 (5.7, 8.800)

Ilias Georgiou CYP HB: 14.366 (5.6, 8.766)

10:31 am. Courtney Tulloch GBR SR: Maltese work was very good, saltos to handstand, clear and stable, swing via to planche, right down to iron cross, again large to handstand, full-twisting double format with a hop again. 14.500 (6.0, 8.500)

Nestor Abad ESP VT: 14.400 (5.2, 9.200)

Illia Kovtun UKR SR: 13.266 (5.3, 7.966)

Luca Giubellini SUI VT: 14.733 (5.6, 9.133)

Ilia Liubimov ISR HB: 12.100 (4.8, 7.300)

10:28 am. Adem Asil TUR PB: Good large work to handstand, Makuts bought just a little caught within the center, pirouette out was sturdy, had one other very nice full pirouette, straddle salto was very nice, double entrance with a small hop, fab routine! 14.100 (5.6, 8.500)

Taha Serhani SUI VT: 14.266 (5.2, 9.066)

Georgios Angonas CYP HB: 13.300 (4.7, 8.600)

10:26 am. Matteo Levantesi ITA PB: Barani, clear to handstand with a pirouette out, perhaps may’ve held the handstand a second longer, just a little rushed on the one-arm pirouette, Bhavsar appeared good, extra sturdy pirouette work earlier than the double pike, little bounces again. 14.466 (5.8, 8.666)

Artem Dolgopyat ISR HB: 13.433 (4.9, 8.533)

Nicolau Mir ESP VT: 14.466 (5.2, 9.266)

Jake Jarman GBR SR: 12.866 (4.4, 8.466)

10:25 am. Igor Radivilov UKR SR: Missed what they confirmed right here other than the dismount, which appeared good! Small hop. 14.500 (6.0, 8.500)

Daniel Carrion ESP VT: 14.200 (5.2, 9.000)

Matteo Giubellini SUI VT: 13.866 (4.8, 9.066)

10:20 am. Rotation 2 Standings

1. Türkiye 86.298
2. Ukraine 84.932
3. Nice Britain 84.598
4. Italy 84.164
5. Israel 83.731
6. Cyprus 82.198
7. Spain 80.864
8. Switzerland 80.398

10:17 am. Ilia Liubimov ISR PB: Pike as much as handstand was tremendous clear, pirouette out and one-arm pirouette additionally nice, bought just a little iffy on a transition between the bars after which didn’t make it to handstand out of a handstand, brief on one other handstand after that, pike sit with a press to handstand, clear, double pike, chest down and a small hop. 13.833 (5.5, 8.333)

10:15 am. Oleg Verniaiev UKR PH: Good scissor work and transition out, fairly good kind for essentially the most half however does pike down at occasions, Russians rhythm is superior, seamless into the dismount, simply minor leg kind in handstand. 15.200 (6.6, 8.600)

Nestor Abad ESP SR: 13.866 (5.3, 8.566)

10:13 am. Marios Georgiou CYP PB: Actually nice transitions on the primary few pirouettes! Pretty Makuts and pirouette out, all of his handstands are FIRE, piked double again with a small hop. Fab! 14.933 (6.1, 8.833)

Noe Seifert SUI SR: 13.633 (5.0, 8.633)

10:10 am. Joe Fraser GBR PH: Obtained just a little caught popping out of the scissor work however then moved nicely into the Russians and circles, some hip kind, traveled nicely general, just a few leg kind going into the dismount which he rushes a bit however hits! 14.500 (6.0, 8.500)

Artem Dolgopyat ISR PB: 13.800 (5.3, 8.500)

Joel Plata ESP SR: 13.200 (5.0, 8.200)

10:08 am. Illia Kovtun UKR PH: Didn’t kind however this was fab! 14.966 (6.5, 8.466)

Yumin Abbadini ITA VT: 13.866 (4.8, 9.066)

Ilias Georgiou CYP PB: 14.966 (6.5, 8.466)

10:06 am. Matteo Giubellini SUI SR: Iron cross, L sit via to saltos to straddle sit, presses to handstand, fairly clear, again large to handstand, little sway however very briefly, double double dismount with a step. LOVE HIM! 13.433 (4.3, 8.633)

James Corridor GBR PH: 13.466 (6.1, 7.366)

Emre Dodanli TUR VT: 14.400 (5.2, 9.200)

10:02 am. Nicolau Mir ESP SR: Once more couldn’t kind for this however what I noticed was nice! Actually sturdy on the dismount. 13.466 (4.9, 8.566)

Radomyr Stelmakh UKR PH: 13.733 (6.0, 7.733)

Adem Asil TUR VT: Handspring double entrance half, piked! Deep touchdown however fairly stable general. 15.033 (6.0, 9.033)

Uri Zeidel ISR PB: 13.866 (5.3, 8.566)

Lorenzo Casali ITA VT: 14.600 (5.6, 9.000)

9:59 am. Jake Jarman GBR PH: Wasn’t typing however this was a terrific set for him from what I noticed! 14.066 (5.6, 8.466)

Kerem Sener TUR VT: Nice handspring double entrance! Hop. 14.466 (5.2, 9.266)

Christian Baumann SUI SR: 13.800 (5.3, 8.500)

Georgios Angonas CYP PB: 13.233 (4.8, 8.433)

Mario Macchiati ITA VT: 14.366 (5.2, 9.166)

9:54 am. Rotation 1 Standings

1. Nice Britain 42.566
2. Türkiye 42.399
3. Israel 42.232
4. Italy 41.332
5. Ukraine 41.033
6. Cyprus 40.466
7. Spain 40.332
8. Switzerland 39.532

9:51 am. James Corridor GBR FX: I missed plenty of this, caught it from the Randi, which had some kind and a hop ahead, simply got here in just a little brief. Triple full with a step again. 14.033 (5.8, 8.233)

9:48 am. Ahmet Ayberk Kosak TUR SR: Very sturdy on the saltos to maltese, right down to iron cross, bought a bit shaky and arched on the entrance large to handstand, after which once more going again, double double dismount caught with an arm wobble. 14.333 (6.0, 8.333)

9:45 am. Marco Lodadio ITA SR: Good inverted cross, additionally good iron cross components on this set, hit the dismount with a hop again, respectable set. 14.400 (6.2, 8.200)

Oleg Verniaiev UKR FX: They didn’t present this on the stream FYI! 14.000 (5.6, 8.400)

Luca Giubellini SUI PH: 12.266 (5.4, 6.866)

9:44 am. Thierno Diallo ESP PH: Handstand right down to scissor, loses some leg kind within the first circles after, however shortly cleans up and is shifting fairly nicely all through, very easy work general. Minor hip kind however goes tremendous properly into the dismount. Nice routine for him! 13.433 (5.6, 7.833)

9:42 pm. Jake Jarman GBR FX: Double double format, good touchdown! 2.5 to entrance format, additionally very stable. Large…double double I feel? Hit the facet cross. Entrance full to randi, just a little brief however good repair on the touchdown. 3.5 with a giant step ahead, OOB there. 14.600 (6.3, 8.400, -0.1)

Adem Asil TUR SR: 14.666 (6.3, 8.366)

9:40 am. Matteo Giubellini SUI PH: Begins out nicely with good clear circles, together with a one-arm swing, transitions nicely between components, hip angle is fairly good for essentially the most half, slight leg kind going up into the handstand for the dismount, however makes it cleanly via. 14.633 (6.1, 8.533)

Yumin Abbadini ITA SR: 13.266 (5.0, 8.266)

Marios Georgiou CYP VT: 11.966 (4.4, 7.866, -0.3)

9:37 am. Nazar Chepurnyi UKR FX: Entrance full to double entrance, a bit overrotated, step ahead. Full-in I feel? A bit low on that touchdown. 2.5 to entrance format, goes a bit low and lengthy on the latter however will get it round. Double full, little adjustment on the touchdown. Triple full, actually excessive and brief on that one, however will get it round. 13.500 (5.3, 8.200)

Pavel Gulidov ISR VT: 14.133 (5.2, 9.033, -0.1)

Joel Plata ESP PH: 13.633 (5.2, 8.433)

9:35 am. Courtney Tulloch GBR FX: Arabian double entrance down the facet. Entrance full to double entrance, hop ahead, appeared like his foot went OOB? Ooh the kick-out double format thingy, actually no concept what it’s referred to as but it surely’s very cool, love that. Double full down the size. Stable double format. Arabian double entrance half-out on the finish. Good hit! 13.933 (5.6, 8.333)

Artem Dolgopyat ISR VT: Kas 1.5, a bit deep on the touchdown however stands up out of it with out challenge. 14.366 (5.2, 9.166)

Ilias Georgiou CYP VT: 14.500 (5.2, 9.300)

Kerem Sener TUR SR: 13.400 (5.2, 8.200)

Noe Seifert SUI PH: 12.633 (5.3, 7.333)

9:33 am. Lorenzo Casali ITA SR: Did nicely on every part I noticed initially. Saltos to straddle sit took a second of adjusting, presses as much as handstand nicely, again large to handstand had some again kind, entrance large to handstand was barely higher, caught the dismount! 13.666 (5.2, 8.466)

Georgios Angonas CYP VT: 14.000 (4.8, 9.200)

Daniel Carrion ESP PH: 13.266 (5.2, 8.066)

9:31 am. Radomyr Stelmakh UKR FX: Entrance double full to double entrance, good touchdown. Randi, lands a bit brief, chest down and a stumble ahead. Ooh, 3.5 I feel, massive step over to the facet. Double full down the facet is clear. 2.5 to entrance format is nice. Triple full with a lunge again. Some issues all through however a stable hit to begin them out! 13.533 (5.9, 7.733, -0.1)

9:30 am. I’m a bit sick so please forgive upfront any errors or gradual updates, my mind fog throughout American Traditional yesterday was a multitude however I’m attempting!!!

9:28 am. Warmups are underway for the primary rotation!

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