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Badminton Strings Breaking from Mis-hits

Badminton Strings & Mis-hits

Badminton strings play a vital position within the recreation of badminton, as they’re liable for offering the mandatory rigidity and energy for photographs to be hit precisely and with drive. Nevertheless, one frequent downside that gamers face is mis-hits, which might simply break strings and trigger frustration.

On this weblog put up, we’ll talk about the explanation why mis-hits in badminton can break your badminton strings and what gamers can do to stop it.

Mishit 1 by 1

Why Do Mis-Hits Happen?

A mis-hit usually happens when the shuttlecock shouldn’t be hit with the sweet-spot of the badminton racquet, which is the centre of the racket head. As an alternative, the shuttlecock is hit near the body of the racquet the place the strings are weaker, as there aren’t as many badminton strings current to assist the world. This ends in the strings breaking or fraying, which could be a pricey and time-consuming downside for gamers.

Causes of Mis-Hits

There are a number of explanation why gamers could mis-hit the shuttlecock, together with poor approach, incorrect timing, or utilizing a racket that isn’t appropriate for his or her ability stage.

Poor approach may cause gamers to hit the shuttlecock with the mistaken a part of the racket, which might put pointless stress on the strings. Incorrect timing may also trigger gamers to mis-hit the shuttlecock, because it usually ends in the shot being struck outdoors of the sweet-spot.Utilizing a badminton racquet that isn’t appropriate in your ability stage may also result in mis-hits, because the racket could also be too heavy (or too gentle), inflicting you to have issue controlling it.

Mishits which trigger the string to interrupt can happen extra usually when:

  1. The badminton string getting used is a thinner gauged string:  longer-lasting badminton strings usually vary between 0.69-0.72mm in diameter whereas shorter-lasting badminton strings usually vary from 0.62-0.68mm in diameter.
  2. The badminton stringing rigidity is increased – the upper the stringing rigidity, the extra seemingly it’s to interrupt. Typically string in freshly-strung badminton racquets can break inside only a few hits if the stringing rigidity is excessive, the badminton string is skinny and the shot is mis-hit.

You’ll be able to be taught extra about what badminton string rigidity means right here.

Volant Mishit Close Up 1 by 1

How To Stop Mis-Hits

To stop mis-hits from breaking your badminton strings, gamers can give attention to enhancing their approach and timing of their photographs. This may be achieved via follow and classes with a coach, who can assist you establish any points along with your approach and educate you the way to time your photographs accurately.


Moreover, gamers also needs to think about using a racket that’s appropriate for his or her ability stage, as this can assist them management the racket higher and cut back the probability of mis-hits.

Here’s a information for rookies in selecting the best badminton racquet:

And for intermediate or superior badminton gamers selecting their subsequent racquet:

If you want assist in selecting the best Volant racket for you, here’s a 30-second badminton racquet quiz that may show you how to select the badminton racquet that most closely fits you!

Lastly, the timing of re-stringing your badminton racket is vital in avoiding your string breaking mid-game and it additionally helps to keep up the racket rigidity correctly. If you happen to see it fraying, it can most likely break quickly!


In conclusion, mis-hits can simply break badminton strings and trigger frustration for gamers. By enhancing approach and timing of photographs, utilizing a racket that’s appropriate for his or her ability stage, and sustaining the racket and strings correctly, gamers can cut back the probability of mis-hits and damaged strings. 

We might love to listen to your feedback, recommendations, suggestions and tips so please be happy to remark under. If you need us to jot down about one thing specifically, please tell us!

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