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Friday Dwell Weblog – March 8, 2024

Friday, March 8
7:00pm ET/
4:00pm PT
[20] Georgia
@ [7] Michigan
Scores BTN+
7:00pm ET/
4:00pm PT
LSU Podium Problem:
[3] LSU, [14] Auburn,
George Washington, TWU
7:00pm ET/
4:00pm PT
Air Drive @ Clemson Scores ACC+
7:00pm ET/
4:00pm PT
Bowling Inexperienced @ Pitt Scores ACC+
7:00pm ET/
4:00pm PT
William & Mary, Centenary @ West Chester Scores FREE
7:30pm ET/
4:30pm PT
[6] Kentucky
@ North Carolina
Scores ACC+
7:30pm ET/
4:30pm PT
Iowa @ Iowa State Scores ESPN+
8:00pm ET/
5:00pm PT
[17] Minnesota,
[24] Illinois, Talladega
@ [9] Alabama
Scores SEC+
9:00pm ET/
6:00pm PT
[5] Utah @ [19] Arizona Scores FREE
9:00pm ET/
6:00pm PT
[23] Penn State
@ Southern Utah
Scores ON($)
9:00pm ET/
6:00pm PT
[15] Ohio State @ BYU Scores ESPN+
10:00pm ET/
7:00pm PT
[25] Washington
@ [16] Oregon State
Scores FREE
10:00pm ET/
7:00pm PT
Illinois State, Alaska @ UC Davis Scores ON($)

We now have Georgia and Michigan to open the day. Michigan is now the one crew within the high 10 and not using a 198 this season and might want to rectify that quickly in the event that they need to management their very own rating future, whereas Georgia nonetheless has a 195.650 street rating hanging round their NQS that they’ll be wanting to drop if the scores come.

In the meantime, LSU is holding a podium secret and searching for 198.100 to lock up the #2 rating for Monday. Iowa v Iowa State can also be a giant one right now as they at present sit straddling the drop zone with Iowa State in thirty sixth and Iowa in thirty seventh.

Rotation 1

Thaxton – VT – Michigan – yfull, fairly massive bounce again it appeared from this angle, then slight motion to regulate. 9.750

Howard – UB – Georgia – Church, can’t get her grip over the bar and falls – resumes and reboes the church, hits it however tucks it, connects to overshoot – large full to double tuck, little hop again. 9.125

Mulligan – VT – Michigan – Yfull, good amplitude, very small motion on touchdown and a few leg separation. 9.875

Finnegan – UB – Georgia – good first hs – Ray is stable – toe on to pak, full straddle and catches a bit shut, works by – FTDT, holds touchdown. 9.750

Guggino – VT – Michigan – y1.5, stable one, just a bit bounce up in place. 9.925

Wahl – UB – Georgia – good first hs – maloney to pak, legs collectively – late on 1/2 activate low bar – DLO, hop again. Stable. 9.800

Wilson – VT – Michigan – y1.5, just a bit quick, slide again and off path some. 9.875

Snyder – UB – Georgia – Church to overshoot is hit – legs collectively casts – large full to double tuck, holds the keep on with a lean. 9.875

Brooks – VT – Michigan – y1.5, additionally is available in a bit quick with a step again. 9.850

Scott – UB – Georgia – excessive ray, catches with some elbows, connects to pak, hits van leeuwen – DLO regarded mistimed, obtained no amplitude and lands it to her knees. Counting a fall now, so this isn’t going to be the rating. 9.275

Jordan – VT – Michigan – yfull, stable distance, chest up this time however a lunge again, off path. 9.775

Smith – UB – Georgia – good first hs – maloney to bail, clear – hits ultimate forged hs on excessive – FTDT, holds the touchdown, somewhat chest place. 9.950

Michigan opens with 49.300 on vault, not a large quantity by this yr’s requirements and beneath 198 tempo however about on observe for them for this lineup’s present well being.

Smith does go 9.950, however it is going to be 48.650 for Georgia, their low bars rating for the season.

Rotation 2

LaClair – VT – Georgia – struggles on her yfull, chest properly down with a sure ahead. 9.675

Vore – UB – Michigan – toe on to tkatchev, hit, not the best tkatchev however high-quality – bail, slight angle – a bit fast in ultimate forged hs – DLO, caught. 9.850

Smith – VT – Georgia – yfull, stable kind however tried to carry the touchdown with somewhat lean after which ended up shuffling ahead anyway. 9.750 (not the 9.950 the scores say, we don’t have one other considered one of THOSE)

Wilson – UB – Michigan – blind to piked jaeger, hit, tucked somewhat initiating it – bail, regarded like a little bit of an arch on catch – hits forged hs on excessive – DLO, additionally finds the touchdown. 9.925, going excessive there for me

Scott – VT – Georgia – yfull, nice amplitude however a large bounce again and a little bit of path. 9.750

Bauman – UB – Michigan – toe 1/2 to jaeger to overshoot, hits – blind to double entrance, good leg place, small step. 9.875

Battle – VT – Georgia – hits her y1.5 however one other with a big sure ahead. 9.750

Brooks – UB – Michigan – hits first hs – blind to piked jaeger, hit – toe on to bail, legs collectively – good forged hs all through – DLO 1/1, lean after which step again with each toes. 9.825

Finnegan – VT – Georgia – y1.5, higher however does come up quick with a slide again. 9.825

Marr – UB – Michigan – toe on to maloney to bail, it’s sort of in between an overshoot and a bail handstand, positively to not handstand – DLO, small hop to the aspect. 9.775

Wahl – VT – Georgia – y1.5, stable distance, hop ahead, helpful rating. 9.875

Lipetz – UB – Michigan – good first hs – toe on to Ray and takes it very very far and falls – resumes with successful pak – 1/2 activate low is late – DLO, hop again.

Neither crew getting the quantity that they needed within the second rotation, Georgia vaulting 48.950, which is their second-lowest on the season, and Michigan goes 49.250 on bars, which is their lowest since January. 198 goes to be just about off the desk for Michigan at this level, however a type of 49.7 flooring can nonetheless deliver this rating as much as a countable degree.

Anyway, LSU went 49.675 on vault within the first rotation at their meet with a Bryant 10.

After 2
Michigan 98.550
Georgia 97.600

Additionally Kentucky is about to get a 900 on bars and Worley hasn’t gone but. Worley hits her first hs, tkatchev , pak, good top, some unfastened again place in handstands however hitting vertical – FTDT, step again. 9.900 for a 49.500 bars season excessive for Kentucky.

Rotation 3

Mulligan – BB – Michigan – full flip – cat leap to aerial, good entrance leg place – bhs loso, hit securely – beat to straddle leap 1/2, hit properly – bhs tuck 1.5 dismount, step ahead. 9.850

Williams – FX – Georgia – again 1.5 to format, good format form – swap aspect, overturns into popa, a bit underneath – double pike, chest down, step ahead – double tuck, hit. 9.825

Guggino – BB – Michigan – full flip, slight correction – bhs loso, good top and place, safe – straddle leap, little pause earlier than straddle 1/2 to beat leap, and misses her toes on the beat leap and falls – aspect somi – break up 1/2 from aspect, small lean – bhs format 1.5, caught. 9.325

Fitzgerald – FX – Georgia – rudi, makes an attempt to hook up with a loso however can’t and does sort of a straddle tuck – double tuck, quick, step ahead. 9.650

Wilson – BB – Michigan – hitch kick – bhs loso, saves it, missed her foot on the bhs however was nonetheless in a position to hit a loso, however a step again and wobble – break up leap to change break up leap, good – full flip – double tuck dismount, step again. 9.725

LaClair – FX – Georgia – entrance full to 2/1, covers touchdown ahead with a hop to current, however positively a brief touchdown – swap aspect 1/2 to straddle leap – rudi to loso is hit. 9.850

Vore – BB – Michigan – bhs loso, hit, small lean – full flip – kickover, safe – straddle leap to separate leap 1/2, small hesitation earlier than beat leap – 1.5 dismount, step to the aspect. 9.850

Wahl – FX – Georgia – FTDT, hit, bounce again – break up leap full, cuts off that place, into wolf leap full – entrance tuck by to double tuck, controls the step. And we’re into 9.925 territory

Bauman – BB – Michigan – full flip – bhs loso with a wobble, leg up correction – break up leap to straddle leap 1/2 to beat leap, safe touchdown – aspect somi – gainer pike dismount, hop again. 9.825

Snyder – FX – Georgia – rudi to again format to double stag, underneath management properly – swap 1/2 to wolf full – tuck leap full – double pike, a bit too massive on the step again with a slide. 9.900

Brooks – BB – Michigan – bhs loso loso, one other massive save however a giant wobble, leg as much as horizontal, flip to the aspect – swap to beat is nice – full flip, hit – kickover with a lean – 2/1 dismount, hop in place. 9.800 is fairly type there to get Michigan over 49 on this occasion.

Smith – FX – Georgia – entrance 2/1, good place – again 1.5 to entrance lay, not a ton of amplitude however good kind – swap aspect to wolf full – rudi to straddle leap, good management. And we have now a 9.950.

49.050 on beam is bother for Michigan. They might now want 49.750 on flooring simply to make this a counting rating. Georgia goes 49.450 on flooring, a giant quantity that can make them rue the 48s within the first two rotations. Although once more with a 195.650 to drop, that is nonetheless on observe to be a reasonably helpful rating for the second. 

Additionally we’re on 40-but-you-can’t-see-it look ahead to Haleigh Bryant with 10s on vault and bars.

We’re underway on the Alabama quad, and Sears obtained 9.925 for the opening vault, adopted by 9.875 for Bunagan.

Lacoursiere – VT – Alabama – hits her y1.5 however a crossover step ahead and a few path. 9.725

Knight – BB – Illinois – swap to separate leap to beat leap, hit – aspect aerial to loso, hit with a little bit of knees – aspect somi, holds it – full flip – gainer full, hop again

Hudson – VT – Alabama – hits a y1.5 with a medium sure ahead. 9.800

Cook dinner for Talladega finishes flooring with entrance lay to entrance full, underneath with a stagger stumble to the aspect.

Sirjord with nice amplitude on her jaeger on bars, hits large full to double tuck with a stick.

Gladieux – VT – Alabama – yfull, good top, bounce up in place. 9.900

Ward has a giant lean to the aspect on her loso on beam – aerial, arm wave to reduce the correction – swap break up leap to straddle 1/4 – gainer full, step again.

Williams – FX – Talladega – entrance lay to entrance 2/1, hits it, some knee and a step to the aspect – entrance lay to entrance full is stable

Blanco VT – fairly y1.5 and primarily based on the scoring I really feel like I do know the place we’re going.

And sure, 10.000 for Blanco and a 49.500 for Alabama.

Mueller – BB – Illinois – full flip, little examine – bhs loso, lean correction – swap to change, stable positions, sort of leaning by it however lined –

Gerdes – UB – Minnesota – maloney to bail, will get to vertical in the long run, good toes – FTDT, holds the stick. 9.850

Again over at Michigan, Morgan has a fall for Georgia within the second spot on beam, following a 9.850 for Howard.

Hooten – UB – Minnesota – blind to piked jaeger, good amplitude, connects to overshoot – FTDT, caught. 9.925

Johnson – FX – Talladega – entrance tuck by to double tuck, massive stumble again OOB – swap aspect 1/2 to straddle leap, reveals flip completion on the swap aspect 1/2 – double pike, some toes, good amplitude, little shuffle ahead

Minnesota on 49.325 on bars.

Takekawa – BB – Illinois – aspect aerial to bhs, good top, safe – full flip – swap, small pause earlier than loso, one other stable touchdown – gainer full, good stick. 9.900. 49.025 beam for Illinois

Maldonado – FX – Talladega – entrance lay to rudi to straddle leap, travels all the best way again OOB – double pike, a bit deep, holds the slide again in bounds – swap 1/2 to wolf full –

40 watch is off. Solely 9.950 for Bryant on beam.

Again at Michigan, Georgia has Lily Smith up within the fifth spot on beam – aerial to bhs, good kind, wobble on the bhs with a lean – swap to separate leap, hit – kickover, excessive place, little rebound on touchdown – full flip – aerial to separate leap, wonderful – gainer full, some pike, step again. 9.850

Wilson – FX – Michigan – open FTDT, controls the step again – swap aspect 1/2 to straddle – entrance lay to rudi, clear. They’ve been going very excessive up to now for routines with quick landings and hops and this didn’t have that.

It’s 9.975 for Wilson.

Scott – BB – Georgia – fhs to bhs loso, hits with somewhat wind correction – aerial to separate leap – break up leap, lean and pause, no combo – swap to separate leap is stable – entrance full dismount, caught. 9.850

Georgia by a 5-hit beam rotation to finish on 196.300

Thaxton – FX – Michigan – tuck leap full – entrance tuck by to double tuck, quick touchdown with a chest down one-footed hop stagger – double pike underneath management.

Michigan will finish on 197.075, which is not going to rely for NQS, in order that they’ll be on the mercy of quite a few groups within the rankings this weekend.

196.300 takes Georgia to 18th in the meanwhile, forward of ASU, Arizona, and NC State, all of whom have additional meets.

We now have one other 10 for Worley on flooring as Kentucky goes 49.600 there.

Second rotation underway in Alabama, Hudson up 2nd on bars – toe on to maloney, leg break into basil, will get to vertical – large full to double tuck, toes, holds the stick. Following 9.800 for Gladieux. 9.875

Lacoursiere – UB – Alabama – maloney to pak, good – van leeuwen, legs collectively – FTDT continues to be a wrestle, very quick, massive lunge ahead. 9.625

Moraw – BB – Minnesota – full flip, good – bhs loso, safe – aspect aerial, some flexed foot – straddle to straddle 3/4, good – bhs gainer full, holds onto the keep on with somewhat management motion. And it’s 9.950 which is rather a lot.

Adams – UB – Alabama – maloney to pak, easy – hits 1/2 flip place on low – a bit shy on ultimate forged hs – large full to double tuck and the weirdest faculty salute to attempt to save a step and finally ends up with two. 9.725 that can rely.

Gerdes – BB – Minnesota – aerial, good – bhs loso, massive wobble, pulls it again, however a flip to the aspect and two arm circles – stag ring, stable – bhs gianer full, caught. Nonetheless will get 9.850.

Blanco – UB – Alabama – good first hs – maloney to pak, nice – hits hs on low – van leeuwen, clear – FTDT, stable. 9/950

Horak – BB – Minnesota – additionally a lean on her loso collection however smaller, pulls it again – pike leap to straddle leap 1/2, safe – beat to loso, some toes, safe touchdown – gainer full, caught. 9.875

Machado – UB – Alabama – pak, good – toe on to van leeuwen, excessive, a bit shy hs on excessive – toe full to double tuck, holds onto touchdown with a lean. 9.900

Townes – FX – Illinois – entrance 2/1, will get it round with some knee place – again 1.5 to entrance full, controls the step – clear completion on her leaps

Sirjord – BB – Minnesota – hits her loso collection with some foot place – swap to stag ring, hop ahead – bhs gainer full, sticks

Alabama has to rely a 9.725 on bars to go 49.250 there, falling behind Minnesota’s 49.475 on beam.

After 2
Minnesota 98.800
Alabama 98.750
Illinois 98.050
Talladega 96.450

It’s a 39.925 AA rating for Bryant, which ties her with Maggie Nichols for 4th-best all time. LSU is completed on 198.425, and Auburn additionally will get a street 197 with 197.050.

Alabama begins rotation 3 with Hudson on beam – aerial to bhs is hit – full flip, stable – swap to change, a bit tight however safe – swap 1/2, additionally regarded underneath to me – 1.5, good stick. And we’re beginning 9.950 right here.

Townes – VT – Illinois – hits yfull, bounce again, some knee tucking on the block

Waligora hits her loso collection on beam however a small step and lean correction – aspect aerial, one other step again, massive break on the hips – break up leap to tuck leap full, somewhat underneath rotated – 1.5 dismount, hop ahead. 9.625

Johnson for Minnesota falls on her ultimate double tuck on flooring

Mueller – VT – Illinois – yfull, hit, hop again, additionally a straddle on the block, 9.775

Burgess – BB – Alabama – full flip, good – one arm bhs to loso, safe – aspect aerial, arm wave correction and lean – swap to beat is good – beat to change aspect, holds it – gainer pike, caught. 9.875

Very nice Y1.5 from Ward for Illinois, sticks. Just a few knees within the air. 9.925.

Pearl finishes flooring for Minnesota with a caught double pike with some chest place. And scores 9.950.

Iowa defeats Iowa State, Iowa scoring 196.450 to ISU’s 196.175. That could be a season excessive for Iowa, although they will’t transfer out of thirty seventh. Iowa State does transfer ever so barely forward of Towson for the second and into thirty fifth. Towson’s thirty sixth place NQS proper now could be 196.320, so we all know it is going to be the best regionals cutoff ever already.

Adams – BB – Alabama coming after one other 9.950 from Gladieux – aerial, pretty place – bhs loso, safe – swap to separate, hit – bhs 1.5, crossover step backward. 9.850

Koch – FX – Minnesota – entrance 2/1, hit, slide ahead – break up leap full to wolf leap full – again 1.5 to entrance lay, underneath management – rudi, some knee kind. 9.800

Blanco – BB – Alabama – aerial, stable – full flip, good – bhs loso loso, great kind, small squeeze lean on touchdown – 1.5 dismount, hop ahead. They have been able to go 10 however this received’t get it. 9.900

49.525 beam for Alabama.

Hooten – FX – Minnesota – FTDT, little bounce – entrance full to excessive entrance pike however comes up quick on touchdown with a slide again – double tuck, stable management. 9.875

Alabama’s 49.525 beam pulls them again forward of Minnesota’s 49.325 on flooring.

After 3
Alabama 148.275
Minnesota 148.125
Illinois 146.950
Talladega 143.700

Kentucky finishes with 197.800 to UNC’s 196.525. That’s a street excessive for Kentucky that can see them no less than quickly transfer head of Utah. It’s a giant rating for UNC however could also be too little too late as they don’t have anything increased than 195.500 on the street.

And we have now a ten.000 on bars for McCallum. Utah drops a fall from Sabado and goes 49.525 on bars.

Rotation 4

Jenks – VT – Minnesota – hits yfull, small hop again, some pike. 9.800

Waligora finishes flooring with a stable 1.5 to put, good top. 9.900

Burgess – FX – Alabama – double pike, good amplitude, small entrance foot motion? – double tuck, good management, some foot flexing – somewhat underneath on her swap aspect and straddle combo touchdown – entrance full to put, reveals management, leg separation in entrance full. 9.900

Knight for Illinois has the mush legs on her DLO dismount with 34 steps again however doesn’t fall.

Machado – FX – Alabama – double tuck, reveals good management – wolf triple and wolf double are properly achieved – lands quick on entrance lay together with a step again – swap to change 1/2. 9.750

Fall from Butler within the second spot for Talladega on beam on a aspect aerial

Hooten finishes for Minnesota on vault – good amplitude on y1.5, some knee, hop ahead. 9.900

Minnesota 49.275 on vault to finish on 197.400, their second highest street quantity and quickly into fifteenth place.

Hudson – FX – Alabama – entrance lay to entrance 2/1 underneath management – swap 1/2 to wolf leap full is properly accomplished with clear positions – double tuck, foot flexing, good management on touchdown – 9.950

Saltness – UB – Illinois – good pak – 1/2 activate low bar is previous – hits stable hs – large full to double tuck, holds touchdown with an arm wave. 9.800

Blanco – FX – Alabama – wolf double – double pike, good top and place, bounce again – double tuck, underneath management – swap 1/2 to popa, good rise in popa – entrance full to entrance lay, good. I wouldn’t however clearly it is going to be.

One other 10 for Blanco. 39.850 AA with two 10s for her as properly. “It virtually regarded like she didn’t even consider it.”

Swaby – BB – Talladega – hits wolf flip however falls on loso collection

Gladieux – FX – Alabama – FTDT, chest up, little bounce – break up leap full to popa – entrance lay to rudi to separate leap, good management. 9.975 for her as punishment for not being a senior.

49.725 flooring for Alabama, they go 198.000 precisely. Alabama will transfer forward of Michigan within the rankings.

Alondra finishes for Talladega on beam – cat leap to kickover, a bit deep however holds it – bhs loso, safe – swap to straddle 1/4, good – beat to separate leap 3/4, hit – gainer full, hop again. 9.750. 191.000 ultimate for Talladega.

Alabama 198.000
Minnesota 197.400
Illinois 196.075
Talladega 191.000







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