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Why is the smash file set on a headlight racket?

Attention-grabbing, my first thought was p=mv (momentum = mass × velocity) which may be expanded to the next two formulae:

pressure × time (AKA impulse or change in momentum) = momentum after – earlier than (the place “u” denotes preliminary velocity)

momentum after – earlier than of object 1 = momentum after – earlier than of object 2

Each of those would in a means say that mass is much less essential too for those who consider the entire arm and physique as a system moderately than simply the racket. The racket mass could be proportionally low to the remaining, so adjustments to stability and mass on it would not be massively impactful given good approach.

The one caveat is that the racket could be on the finish of the rotating system so is each shifting the quickest and has the best leverage (for lack of a greater phrase) on the shuttle. So would this outweigh the impact of a number of the physique mass being included? I do not know.

I might have an interest to see the place this was mentioned for those who had a selected thread in thoughts. I’ll take a look myself.


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